The Gambia Consultative Council (GCC)

GCC is a coalition of politically active Gambian dissident organizations, groups and unaffiliated GCCindividuals from home and around the world, united by the burning desire for political change in the Gambia. GCC’s governing body comprises preeminent Gambians of outstanding executive experiences with unmatched dedication to the struggle to restore democracy and the rule of law in Gambia. As a civil society organization, the GCC is not assigned the character of a government, nor aspire to morph into a political party in the event of political changes in the Gambia. GCC’s serving executive members are not permitted to dabble in divisive party politics to avoid the perception of counteracting the organization’s gospel of unity. GCC is painfully conscious, as a civilian organization, of the importance of maintaining neutrality in a multiparty system, understanding and appreciating the toxicity of bipartisanship, in a climate where the unity Gambians across social, political and cultural boundaries overshadows the other needs of the emerging political dispensation. The GCC is an impermanent political advocacy organization that will disband and cease to exist following the standing of a credible Gambian Transitional Council and Gambian Transitional Government representing every political party, civil society organization, and expatriate Gambian academics and professional. The need for unity of among Gambians in order to collectively take the lead in creating a multi-party democracy in the Gambia, cannot be overemphasized.