Mr. Osuman Bojang, a former Intelligence Analyst with the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), now a reporter with the Standard Newspaper has been missing for weeks–amid fears that Mr. Bojang might have been possibly executed by the dictatorship in Banjul, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Mr. Bojang, who was sacked, detained and brutally tortured while under NIA custody about a year ago, later took up employment with imagesSheriff Bojang’s Standard Newspaper as a reporter. He was hired by the Standard as a Staff Reporter, cum Islamic columnist. His Islamic column at the Standard was titled the “Friday Khutbah.” Mr. Bojang has not been showing up for work for weeks now.
His employer Sheriff Bojang told the Freedom Newspaper in a brief phone conversation on Tuesday night that he has no comment to make on the matter. He asked us to call him back sometime later for comment.
“Could you call me back later please,” Sheriff Bojang politely said. He refrained from making any comments on his reporter’s disappearances.
Sheriff’s News Editor Mr. Sainey Darboe, when contacted he also declined to comment on reporter Ousman Bojang’s alleged disappearances. Mr. Darboe referred us to his boss Sheriff Bojang, whom he said would be in the better position to shed light on the story.
On Tuesday afternoon, this paper received a news tipped-off from a highly placed source in Banjul intimating that the Management of the Standard Newspaper is reluctant or somehow scared to report about the abduction of their reporter Ousman Bojang by Jammeh’s security operatives for fear of possible retribution from the widely feared NIA. Our source said both “Sheriff Bojang and his Editor Sainey Darboe are aware of Ousman Bojang’s disappearance, but are apparently ignoring such an important story.”
The silence low key reactions we received from both Sheriff and Sainey doesn’t speak well for an Editor and also a proprietor of a renowned private newspaper. The mere fact that Standard fails to investigate or report on Bojang’s non failure to show up to work speaks volume. It is the responsibility of his employer (the Standard) to check with his wife and family to establish what might have been responsible for Ous ” no call, no show” at work. Here was an asset to the Standard–given his past security background as an NIA intelligence analyst.
Prior to his disappearance, Ousman Bojang was among the prolific writers at the Standard. He covers Islamic issues and other societal matters. He wrote series of stories on the arrest and prosecution of the Darsilami Singajorr religious leader and his followers.
It is not clear what might have occasioned his abduction and possible execution, but sources said Mr. Bojang has been on Jammeh’s “bad books” since his unceremonious exit from the NIA.
During his previous arrest, Bojang was accused of being a Freedom Newspaper informant. He was also accused of working with the “enemies of the state” residing overseas. His working relationship with the current DG of the NIA Yanks Badjie was not cordial at all. Badjie was said to have been very instrumental in his past arrest and subsequent firing.
Ousman Bojang is a graduate of the University of The Gambia. He used to be the President of the University Student Union. He bags a Bachelors degree in Economics and Finance. Jammeh promised to finance his Master’s program in Scotland, but he never fulfilled his promise to Bojang, said our source.
Mr. Bojang joined the Standard Newspaper team after losing his job at the NIA. He is believed to have been murdered by Jammeh’s agents. His family have lost contacts with him since his abduction. It is getting to one month since Ousman Bojang disappeared from his family. Jammeh’s security agents were said to have picked him up from his home.

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